Firstly I’d like to congratulate Nico Rosberg on a well-deserved first world championship. But what has annoyed me is that Nico hasn’t even been champion for 24 hours yet all critics are focusing their attention on is his teammate, Lewis Hamilton, who has been accused of using ‘dirty tactics’ in order to try and snatch the championship from his German counterpart. Yes, you’re reading this right, he’s being condemned for trying to win! I’m completely of the opinion that if you compete in a sport then you’re in it to win it and nothing else, which is why I support his decision to defy the orders given to him by his team, Mercedes, and also his response of “let us race”. With the constructors’ championship already in the bag, I feel as though those at Mercedes were in the wrong to tell Lewis to basically forfeit his chances of winning the championship in order to allow Nico to create some distance from the rest of the pack. This specific situation was unlike any other encountered already during the season and the drivers should have just been allowed to fight it out between themselves without those in charge at Mercedes trying to dictate. Had Mercedes needed the points to win the constructors’ championship then you could understand them getting involved, however they had already won it easily, so the drivers’ abilities should have taken precedence in determining who would be the world champion in 2016.

It’s not been confirmed what disciplinary punishment Mercedes are going to give Lewis yet, with some reports suggesting that they may suspend him or even go one step further and rip up his contract indefinitely. For me if this was to be the case, then the one who would be losing out on more would be the team itself, as there isn’t a driver of the same quality available to replace him and another team would snap him up in a flash, which instantly creates a powerful rival for Mercedes. However having Hamilton and Rosberg on two different teams would make the race for the constructors’ championship more eventful with another team actually challenging Mercedes at the top. But I feel as though the way this situation has been handled is a clear reflection of what is wrong when it comes to sport in this day and age. In the past, in schools children would have been encouraged to win at all times however now they’re being taught that it’s just the taking part that counts. This for me is why as a nation we struggle at world competitions across many different sports, in particularly in recent years in football and rugby league. Finally somebody has gone against this mentality and is subsequently going to be punished for it, which just says to everybody else why should they bother trying to win and be the best if they’re just going to be disparaged for it.

I feel as though I’ve come across quite negative during this article so to end it on a positive note, all I’m going to say is, congratulations Nico!!!


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