Now I’ve got nothing against Olivia and I respect her profession as a fine art photographer and more than anything, I was just shocked to see this piece of news appear on my Twitter feed. The Made in Chelsea blonde bombshell was shown to be snorting a white substance, thought to be the Class A drug, cocaine, at a recent house party. Her actions have seen her suspended by her employer, E4, pending an investigation, but I feel as though celebrities, in particularly reality stars aren’t aware how many people consider them to be role models. These specific actions by the Londoner, could encourage her fans, albeit a small proportion, to copy what she has done. Hopefully the suspension from E4 will get the message across that what she has done is very serious and deter her and her followers from doing the same. Bentley isn’t the first reality star to be caught up in a drug scandal this year after The Only Way is Essex’s Mike Hassini was suspended from the show after being caught in possession of the same drug as Olivia, cocaine.

It is instances like these that give reality stars bad reputations among the general public however they’re not all bad influences. TOWIE’s Tommy Mallet is a perfect example of the opposite to the two stars previously mentioned. Tommy, who is dyslexic and only left school with 1 GCSE, is still a successful businessman with two clothing and footwear companies and has since then gone into schools to re-enforce his motto that “if you believe it, if you dream it then you can achieve it”. This is what reality stars should be doing and not be getting caught up in scandals that are going to be broadcast all over the news due to their fame. It’s a shame they’re not all like Tommy… MAN LIKE MALLET!!


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