I’m sure you’ve all seen Olivier Giroud’s wonder goal from the weekend in Arsenal’s 2-0 win against Crystal Palace and if you haven’t then you’ve clearly not been on social media in the last few days as the Frenchman has been receiving all the plaudits he deserves for scoring such a goal with some even dubbing him the ‘Scorpion King’.

Now those that know me personally will be aware that I’m a big fan of Olivier and have defended his class ever since his move to Arsenal from Montpellier in 2012; but what has really frustrated me is his choice of celebration after scoring the equaliser in his team’s 3-3 draw against Bournemouth last night. It was in stoppage time that Giroud scored his goal and with a few minutes still to play, everybody thought there was a good chance of Arsenal completing the comeback perfectly and grabbing a winner. However rather than rushing back to get the game restarted he opted to pose for the cameras and re-enact the scorpion motion he used to score the goal from a few days before.

Now this is the most outrageous example but it’s not the first time that questions have been asked about the mentality of the players in the current Arsenal team. Looking at it, this team is more than capable of winning the league but all you have to do is look at some of the players’ Instagram pages and it comes to your attention that some of these players seem to be more interested in taking pictures post-matches to post on their social media pages.

If I was Arsène Wenger I’d have been questioning him as soon as he got back in the dressing room as to what went through his mind when he decided to waste 30 seconds celebrating rather than wanting to go on and win the game and some will say this is quite harsh, but personally if they want to be real title contenders then I’d ban the use of phones in the dressing room to ensure that their full focus is on getting the three points.

Good performance from all the boys tonight. Onto the next round ⚽️ #COYG

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